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The “Community Beacon” Capital Campaign Overview
For over 100 years the Calvary Methodist Church Building has guided neighborhood residents to a place where worship, fellowship, and community join as one. Countless people have received social and cultural enrichment, as well as divine inspiration, through these doors.

But the “Community Beacon” was in real danger of closing its doors to the community forever. With your continued support, the Calvary Church building will keep its doors open to all efforts that improve and enrich our community.

Keep the Light Shining

Over a million dollars has already been raised by CCCC and spent on restoration and redevelopment of the Calvary building.

The “Community Beacon” Campaign will raise over $2 million more to /completethe Calvary Methodist Church Building restoration and renovation and ensure that current and future neighborhood residents continue to receive the social and cultural services that provide hope and opportunity.

Community Beacon
Keep the beacon standing for all members of our community. Your support is needed.
Through a five phase master plan, CCCC will:

  • Restore the Calvary Methodist Church Building to a usable state for all community members; and
  • Create and sustain programs that raise the quality of life for neighborhood residents.

Anyone who has been in the community through the first decade can attest to the amazing changes that have already happened.

The once empty and crumbling building is now fully functional serving multiple workship congregations, multiple community organizations, multiple cultural organizations, multiple social justice projects, multiple non-profit efforts, all creating a destination and hub serving the community.

But more capital is needed to restore the glorious sanctuary and its precious art works while transforming the space to accommodate the performing arts.  We also need to improve building accessibility for all and to make the building as energy efficient as possible.

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