Prometheus Radio Project

Meeting Time:

Daily Office Hours
M-F  1-3:00pm


Anthony Mazza
Dylan Wrynn
215-605-9297 (C)
P.O. Box 42158 Philadelphia PA 19101

The mission of Prometheus Radio is:

  • To serve as a microradio resource center offering legal, technical, and organizational support for the non-commercial community broadcasters
  • To research and develop technical resources in anticipation of legalized micro-radio. Upon legalization, we will offer technical services to non-commercial micro-stations- equipment testing, frequency searching, submitting FCC applications, studio advice and so on
  • To sponsor and produce educational tours, conferences, events and literature on microradio and democratic media issues.
  • To serve as a public interest advocate on microradio issues, and to help facilitate public participation in the FCC rulemaking and legislative process.
  • To help start a regional micropower association, which could eventually serve as a self-regulating association for low power fm analagous to the ARRL for HAM radio. Until this is formed, we will perform some of its future functions, primarily performing a coordinating and secretarial role to facilitate communications among existing stations.

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