Calvary United Church Methodist Mission Statement

Calvary United Methodist Church is a congregation of about 50 members located in West Philadelphia. Founded in 1895, the congregation of Calvary proudly upholds a century-long affiliation with Methodist outlook and tradition, following the example of the living Christ.

Our worship and vision is firmly based on the paramount teachings of the Scripture. As a church, we strive:

To love all our neighbors as we love ourselves, to not pass judgment, to show compassion as we have been shown compassion, to forgive as we have been forgiven, to do unto others as we would have others do unto us, to pray without ceasing, and to love God with all our hearts to the best of our understanding.

Within this context, our specific goals are to:

Calvary Church has a mission.

Uphold the mission of the church by:

  • Keeping our worship services and other worship activities beautiful and inspiring.
  • Supporting progressive and positive social change within ourselves and in our environment.
  • Promoting a bringing together of all people in ways which celebrate and honor diversity.
  • Working for peace.
  • Promoting acceptance of others, celebrating diversity, honoring and respecting all other people.
  • Helping others when we can.
  • Making a difference when we can.
  • Creating dialogue through Bible study, directed studies, Sunday school, and other church activities

Expand our programs for children and youth and reach out to children and youth in our community by:

  • Increasing educational and recreational ad hoc and repetitive activities specifically for children.
  • Building Sunday school for children.
  • Recreating summer day camp.

Be the best possible stewards of our building by:

  • Supporting the efforts of Calvary Center for Culture and Community in building restoration efforts.
  • Intentionally creating a welcoming atmosphere and true sanctuary, a safe, non-threatening place for all people.
  • Using our building as a true community center as well as a sacred place, thereby expanding opportunities for outreach to our community.
  • Ensuring that those who use our building are provided with a comfortable, safe, attractive and welcoming environment.

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