Calvary United Methodist Church

Calvary at sunset

Meeting Time:

Services: Sunday 11:00am Chapel


Rev. John Pritchard
Ed Fell


The Calvary United Methodist congregation has a religious tradition which has often been at the cutting edge of its denomination.

Of the tens of thousands of Methodist churches, Calvary was sixth to become a reconciling congregation (open to LGBT community), a milestone only achieved by 400 Methodist churches nationally to this day.

It was an early incubator for what was to become called feminist theology with two in-house pastors contributing seminal works on the subject.

The congregation is notable for its racial, ethnic and economic diversity and stands as a model for the surrounding community, which itself is exceptional in this respect.

The Methodist congregation supports twelve step programs including Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous. It also supports interfaith services, a food referral service, prayer groups, Sunday school, bible studies and book studies. The congregation supports the LGBT community in several ways, hosting community activities and sponsoring events and legislation on their behalf. It also sponsors a weekly food referral service.

For Calvary United Methodist Church’s vision statement, click here.

Calvary United Methodist Church is a member of the Southeast District of the Eastern Pennsylvania United Methodist Conference.

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