Calvary Community Martial Arts Class
Andrew Lin’s martial arts class is a safe haven for learning and friendship.

The “Community Hub”

Following the Church’s one-hundred-year tradition of providing sanctuary for all in our community, Calvary is a “community hub” for West Philadelphia, bringing diverse peoples together and serving over 1,000 community members each week. A recent study completed with Partners for Sacred Places determined that the Calvary building, congregation and center provide over $65,000 in community services annually, free of charge. CCCC also serves as an incubator for new businesses and organizations. Such diverse groups as women’s centers, a credit union, bakery and ice cream shop, and a center for training in radio communications have grown out of this address and in many cases, operated in it.

The building offers a variety of spaces for events such as neighborhood movie nights, plays, town meetings, lectures, and educational and cultural programs for all ages.