Restoration and Renovation Accomplishments, 2008-2010

Much work has been done at Calvary Center in the past two years. To wit:
• The heating system was rehabilitated in its entirety at a total cost of over $30,000.
• A hall was built across the main floor, enabling people to pass inside the building from Baltimore Avenue to the 48th Street entrances without having to go through the main auditorium or the chapel. This hall was built also to support the sagging central balcony in the main auditorium, and to create a better sound barrier between the chapel and the main auditorium as part of our soundproofing strategy.
• The large modern stage was built in the main auditorium.
• The central aisle of pews were cushioned in the main auditorium.
• Three new exterior lighted signs were installed, one for the 48th Street Bulletin Board, one listing worship times for all the congregations on Baltimore Avenue, and a much improved marquee for Curio Theatre.
• Ten missing leaded glass windows were replaced with replicas.
• $18,000 was spent on roof repairs.
• Flooring and lighting were installed in the second floor board room on the 48th Street side.
• Sidewalk repairs on Baltimore Avenue were completed.
• A new nursery was constructed in the lower level.
• A new children’s toilet and sink were installed on the lower level.
• Renovations and security measures were completed for launching the Children’s Community School.
• A new comprehensive fire alarm system was installed and the emergency exit signs updated.
• The building’s electrical system was upgraded to three phase, to support installation of an elevator and additional theater lighting, and future air conditioning, at a cost of $140,000.