Welcome to Calvary

Welcome to the Calvary Center for Culture and Community!

Following a one-hundred-year tradition of providing sanctuary for all in our community, Calvary is a “community hub” for West Philadelphia, bringing one of the nation’s most vibrant and diverse communities together and serving over 5,000 community members each year.

The Calvary Building is home to local community associations, refugee groups, Twelve Step programs, the historic preservation society, art and cultural activities, music series, theater, peace and social justice organizations, educational classes, and several religious congregations. The building also offers a variety of spaces for events such as neighborhood movie nights, town meetings, lectures, and educational and cultural programs for all ages.

The CCCC Mission:

  • Nurture and support efforts to improve the quality of urban life
  • Encourage creative and performing arts that enrich the community
  • Preserve, restore and renew the historic Calvary Church building

Learn how you can support Calvary Center for Culture and Community and enhance the lives of people in the community.

UPDATE: status of the elevator project.


Calvary Center for Culture and Community

The Calvary Center for Culture and Community (CCCC) is part of the active community housed in the Calvary Building. Please help keep the doors open to all members of the community, and to continue supporting the many social and cultural programs taking place here. Learn how you can support West Philadelphia's beacon of hope and continue to bring community members together for another hundred years.